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About Me


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Darrell"s Internet Homepage

This is the page where I describe myself in more detail.

I am a 41 year's young male.I have been married before,but it has been several years. I have had plenty of time to "heal" so to speak.I am currently into being a webmaster and a few odd jobs to pay the bills.

This site was put together to introduce myself to other's on the web.I hope to use this page to make friends and to hopefully meet a girlfriend or two.I will try to use this site to help you get to know me better and to show you what I am like on the internet and off.
This site is built mostly with the intent of making female friends and being able to contact each other with the new technologies at our disposle.(Staying in touch is not a problem!)

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I have spent the past couple of years working as a professional painter and remodeler.I enjoy this kind of work, but it is a messy job.
I spend my free time building websites and learning to be a webmaster.I hope to make this my career soon.I enjoy this because it allows me to be creative,and to see if I can actually do what I picture a website doing.The callenge gets me hyped,and the accomplishment really gets me hyper!


My favorite's are playing on the internet,talking to cute ladies,and being spoiled.
I have the most fun surfing on the computer and meeting other's as I go.I like this because it allows me to stay or leave as I want.I like knowing I can be on one side of the state's one minute and then cross to the other side with the click of a mouse.
I also like chocolate cake with ice cream!

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:Planes,Trains and Automobiles,The Net,The Crow,and True Lies.

I prefer comedies and lively dramas.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Deff Leppard,Aerosmith,Madonna,Inxs

I do listen to different types of music at times.